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About TruHealing Riverbend

TruHealing Riverbend is dedicated to helping people overcome addiction one day at a time. Our outpatient substance abuse treatment provides high-quality evidence-based care to help you or your loved one make lasting changes. If you’re looking for personalized care for both substance use and co-occurring mental health concerns, TruHealing Riverbend is just a phone call away. Let’s get started!


Treatment Center

Has drug or alcohol addiction taken over your life? Our expert staff is here to give you the tools you need to begin recovery, stay in recovery, and get your life back on track.

Substance Abuse
Treatment Programs

Our personalized substance abuse treatment programs get to the root of drug and alcohol addiction. We help our patients build the coping skills needed to begin again.

Treatment Therapies

Evidence-based therapies can help patients work through underlying trauma and mental health issues that can contribute to substance abuse.

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Why TruHealing Riverbend?

TruHealing Riverbend goes well beyond what you find at any ordinary treatment center. We’re a partner for personal growth. Our mission is giving you or your loved one everything needed for successful recovery. All that’s required of you is some hope and the willingness to begin.  Contact us and you can begin that change today.

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We Accept Most Insurances

Did You Know That Your Health Insurance May Cover UP To 100% Of Your Treatment?

We accept additional insurances that may not be on this list. Please call for a free verification of insurance benefits.

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We Accept Most Insurances

Did You Know That Your Health Insurance May Cover UP To 100% Of Your Treatment?

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Evidence-Based Care

The treatment protocols at TruHealing Riverbend are developed using the latest clinical research into addiction. What evidence-based treatment means is you have the assurance that we use treatment methods backed by science and experience. Put simply, we do what is proven effective.

TruHealing Riverbend offers mental health and addiction treatment you can believe in. Our evidence-based treatment includes practical solutions like individual counseling and group therapy. We are a holistic treatment program but every method we employ is also backed by peer-reviewed research.

Supportive, Sober Housing

Research has shown us that supportive sober living improves results for clients in partial hospitalization, IOP and outpatient treatment for addiction and mental health. Supportive, sober housing also helps people build bonds in recovery.

Our sober housing options provide the comforts of home with the structure and safety that a trusted sober living home makes possible. Longer periods of care also become more practical for those who need a more comprehensive care experience.

TruHealing Riverbend: Your Partner in Health

TruHealing Riverbend is devoted to helping people with addictive disorders and co-occurring mental health issues recover. We think knowledge is a critical part of successful recovery. Our goal is to treat, but also teach clients about their conditions and how to maintain long-term recovery. We can help you or your loved one too. Give us a call.

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