Addiction Treatment Programs

At TruHealing Riverbend, our goal is to give our clients the tools they need to achieve long-term sobriety. Through personalized treatment programs and evidence-based therapies, our team can help individuals and families impacted by substance use issues. No matter where you are in your journey of recovery, TruHealing Riverbend has an outpatient rehab program that is right for you. We focus on giving our clients the strategies and coping mechanisms they need to make lasting changes in their lives.

Learn more about our Jeffersonville, IN addiction treatment center by reaching out to TruHealing Riverbend at (855) 652-0546.

Programs at Our Addiction Treatment Center 

At TruHealing Riverbend, we promise to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment where you feel free to be yourself, discuss your struggles, and develop meaningful relationships. Those who come to our addiction center are taught how to self-soothe, how to cope with difficult emotions, and, ultimately, how to foster their own recovery. Addiction doesn’t have to define you—and you don’t have to let it any longer. 

Our outpatient programs include:

Most traditional addiction treatment programs focus on 12-step concepts, coping with relapse triggers and encouraging sober support groups. At TruHealing Riverbend, we address all of these areas and more. In fact, we go much deeper by trying to help each individual understand exactly why they abuse drugs and alcohol in the first place. We don’t just chase symptoms—we treat the condition at its origin.

Individualized Addiction Treatment

During your time at TruHealing Riverbend, our goal is to provide you the opportunity to express your feelings in both group therapy and individual therapy. Any any negative emotions or reservations about living sober can be addressed while you are here. Our addiction treatment counselors will create an individualized treatment plan to help you decrease your chances of relapsing. This plan will include how to avoid triggers that cause drug cravings as well as how to find support groups when you leave our facility.

In order to do this effectively and to provide clients with a full continuum of care, we offer several unique drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in Indiana. Whether you’re seeking help after a short relapse or this is your first time looking for help, TruHealing Riverbend is here to accommodate your needs.

Whether you have an identifiable trauma to work through or have simply developed negative coping mechanisms that lead you to rely on drugs and alcohol, we’re here to help you work through these challenges. Our clinical staff are experts in helping clients recognize, understand, and process difficult feelings, no matter how deep the pain runs.

While we offer one-on-one counseling, the majority of our therapy sessions occur in group settings. When clients are able to talk about their feelings and experiences with other people who understand, they stop feeling so alone. Then, the power of shame, guilt, and fear can begin to fade away. By connecting with others to deepen the understanding of the things that trigger people to use drugs or alcohol, clients can finally find relief from the depths of addiction.

Reach Out to Our Addiction Treatment Center Today

If you are ready to break free from addiction, don’t hesitate. At TruHealing Riverbend’s addiction treatment center, we can design and implement a treatment plan that serves your individual needs. To learn more about our addiction treatment center in Jeffersonville, IN, call us at (855) 652-0546 or reach out to us online. We can give you the tools and support you need to move forward.