Trauma-Informed Therapy

Many people with addiction have experienced trauma. At TruHealing Riverbend, our team of clinicians understands how to avoid re-traumatizing people—and helps clients identify and process their traumas.

What Is Trauma-Informed Therapy?

Trauma-informed therapy recognizes that trauma can impact every part of a person’s life, including their experience in treatment. Clinicians who are trauma-informed take into account the pervasive role of trauma in the client’s life; this awareness of trauma’s effects underlies all the work done in trauma-informed therapy.

The goal of trauma-informed therapy is to provide care that is accessible to people who have experienced trauma or who have PTSD. It is often noted that trauma-informed therapy asks, “What happened to this person?” instead of, “What is wrong with this person?”

Benefits of Trauma-Informed Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Trauma-informed therapy allows clients to feel emotionally and physically safe, without fear that their experience in treatment will re-traumatize them. This type of therapy emphasizes clients’ autonomy and the necessity of creating healthy boundaries. Clinicians and clients work together in a collaborative way to help the client heal.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration lists the ways clinicians can create a trauma-informed environment; some of these include:

  • Screening clients for trauma
  • Allowing clients autonomy and involving them in their treatment process
  • Engaging with appropriate referral sources for clients who require additional support
  • Understanding trauma’s pervasive effects
  • Recognizing the signs of trauma
  • Actively working to avoid re-traumatization

Learn More About TruHealing Riverbend’s Trauma-Informed Therapy Program in Jeffersonville, IN

Many people with substance use disorders have experienced trauma. Trauma-informed therapy provides individuals with a safe space where they can begin to heal from trauma and addiction. Reach out to us online or call us today at 855.652.0546.