Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a form of therapy that helps people create positive change in their life. This therapy focuses on helping clients understand what motivates them to change, and how they can take practical steps to do so.

Coming out of active addiction, clients may feel helpless and hopeless. Motivational interviewing helps them take small steps towards their goals.

What Is Motivational Interviewing?

During the process of motivational interviewing, the clinician encourages the client to reflect on their goals and dreams. Then the clinician and the client are able to work towards achieving those goals.

Like all our other therapeutic modalities, our motivational interviewing program is conducted in a safe, supportive environment; individuals can feel comfortable sharing without fear of judgement.

Since this treatment focuses on creating realistic and achievable goals—and then pursuing those goals—it is an extremely useful way to help clients change their lives.

What to Expect from Motivational Interviewing

Like in most talk therapy, in motivational interviewing, the client is in control of the conversation. The clinician encourages openness, honesty, and assertiveness. When motivational interviewing is done in a group setting, it may involve breaking up into small groups, checking in one-on-one to later share with the larger group, or taking turns between each member of the group.

When in group therapy involving motivational interviewing, listening is as important as speaking. It’s important to learn to really hear the feedback others give. This helps clients gain new perspective on how to achieve their goals while they practice effective communication skills.

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