12-Step Program

Everyone’s experience with addiction is their own. That’s why no recovery journeys are the same. Today, there are many approaches to addiction therapy, with holistic, experiential, and evidence-based therapies all offering unique benefits. However, 12-step programs are one of the most popular, accessible, and effective approaches to overcoming addiction. At TruHealing Riverbend, our addiction treatment center focuses on the 12 steps to help clients reach a place of accessible, manageable recovery. By combining traditional 12-step programs with a range of therapies and services, clients at TruHealing Riverbend get the individualized care they need to thrive. 

Are you looking for a 12-step program? If you or someone you love is struggling, TruHealing Riverbend can help. With a robust 12-step program, a range of substance-specific treatment options, and continued support after rehab, the team at TruHealing Riverbend has the addiction program for you. Call us now at (855) 652-0546 to learn about the benefits of our addiction detox treatment center.

What Are 12-Step Programs?

12-step programs offer an accessible, time-tested approach to recovery. They began with Alcoholics Anonymous, a program that takes people through 12 manageable steps at their own pace. While AA is rooted in Christian teachings, there are also secular 12-step programs. No matter the program, major focuses throughout the 12 steps include:

  • Asking for help
  • Understanding you cannot control your addiction
  • Surrendering to a higher power through prayer, meditation, and mindfulness
  • Making amends with those you’ve hurt during addiction
  • Asking forgiveness of people you’ve wronged
  • Asking yourself for forgiveness
  • Helping others stay sober

12-step programs are common and easy to find around the world because they work. They’re a safe and effective way to find support groups near home and while traveling. Most 12-step programs focus on trust and anonymity, leaving people the space to share their experiences without judgment.  

Benefits of 12-Step Programs for Addiction Recovery

At TruHealing Riverbend, we know 12-step programs are a great way to connect with others in the community and beyond. Benefits of 12-step programs include:

  • Self-paced, individualized care
  • Accountability partners
  • Alumni networks
  • Manageable steps
  • Accessible community support
  • Ways to give back to the community
  • Opportunity to witness your own growth and the growth of others. 

12-step programs are popular because they work. Whether it’s someone’s first time in recovery or they’re looking for alternative approaches, 12-step approaches are welcoming, compassionate, and supportive. At TruHealing Riverbend, our program helps participants monitor their own progress and engage in group, family, and individual therapy while helping others through our alumni program. 

Recover Through the 12-Step Program at TruHealing Riverbend

Finding support for addiction recovery in Jeffersonville, Indiana, is easier than you may think. Whether you’re in Jeffersonville or Louisville, the 12-step program at TruHealing Riverbend is here for you. Our comprehensive addiction treatment detox center focuses on the treatment of:

  • Meth addiction 
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Benzo addiction
  • Opioid addiction
  • Alcohol addiction

We provide medication-assisted treatment using Suboxone to help those living with opioid and opiate addiction get through detox. Our range of therapy programs provides clients with holistic and evidence-based support, including our 12-step program. Other therapy programs include:

  • DBT
  • Anger management support
  • Music therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Meditative therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Group therapy

With dual diagnosis treatment, clients at TruHealing Riverbend get the support they need for mental health and addiction recovery. Studies show that dual diagnosis treatment increases success rates and rehab retention. In some cases, dual diagnosis treatment can eliminate addiction triggers and cravings. 

Find Your 12-Step Program Community at TruHealing Riverbend Today

Don’t wait. If you’re struggling with recovery, call TruHealing Riverbend today. Our accessible 12-step programs are waiting for you. Call our staff at (855) 652-0546 to learn more and begin addiction recovery today.